Talking Texas Why do Texans hate winter?

We have our reasons, good ones too!


The running joke in Texas is we have two seasons; summer and almost summer. Every now and then we have white stuff fall from the sky and accumulate on the ground. When this happens, we shut down our roads, cities, and schools. Northerners laugh at us but the simple fact is there are reasons we do this.


1. We do not know how to drive on ice and snow.

A few times a year, if that, Texas will get snow and ice. We love to see snow, but we do not know how to drive in it. It never snows enough that you need chains on your tires or snow tires. Since we do not have to drive in snow and ice very often we are not adept to it. We may look funny creeping down the road and sliding around but we are trying our best.


2. We are acclimated to the heat.

Northerners laugh at us when its 50 out and we are freezing. We have thin blood and are used to 100-degree days. We look forward to the hot days so we can play in the sun and water. We dread when the cold starts, luckily we do not have to deal with the cold for long in Texas.


3. We do not have the right clothing for winter.

We wear jeans, t-shirts, and a lot of us wear boots. Have you ever tried to walk on ice in cowboy boots? It is quite the task.  We do not keep snow boots and parkas in our closets to collect dust, we rarely need them. Although we wish we had them when they are needed.


4. We do not have the right tools.

Texans do not own snow shovels and many of use result to the trusty credit card to scape our windows. We do not carry ice scrapers because well, if we had some, they are lost somewhere in the car because we hardly ever use them. Our transportation department has snowplows in the northern part of the state; however, if ice and snow hit in the lower part of the state, all we have is salt and dirt to put on the roads.


5. Grocery stores become a mad house.

When the threat of winter weather comes to Texas, people act like they will be incased in their homes for a week. Wal-Mart and HEB becomes a mad house of people fighting for bread, canned goods and heaters. Texas is generally a friendly state, however the threat of being confined to your home for a day, the worst side of Texans is brought out.


While we may not be the best at winter, we are still Texans and we make it through.  We take our little bit of winter and look forward to the warmth of summer, which is always just around the corner. 

© 2015 Frontier Texas/ Rebecca Kinnison