Talking Texas The Cowboy Boot

What's it all aboot? 

            One thing I love about Texas is you can go anywhere in cowboy boots and it is perfectly acceptable.  Back in the cattle drive days, cowboy boots were a necessity. Today they still hold their original function but are also worn as a fashion item.  One thing that has not changed is boot making. You can have a pair of custom boots made just for your feet. I’m told once you have a pair of custom made boots, you will never want to go back to regular boots.

            James Leddy began the tradition of crafting custom boots, passed down from 100 years of boot making, in 1951. Leddy won many prestigious awards with his attention to detail and precise fitting. Although James passed in 2003, his craftsmanship continues in Al and Deborah Dos Santos. Deborah and Al gave me a tour of James Leddy Boots and I learned about the boot making process, but more importantly the passion that goes into a pair of boots. Al Dos Santos has been making boots for 48 years and loves it. He said each pair of boots is different, and loves watching them come alive. Making boots is not just a step-by-step process; you have to have a passion for it and love working with your hands.  

            At James Leddy Boots you can have boots made out of crocodile, ostrich, lizard, shark, elephant, or kangaroo. You can even have your initials included on your boots.  Your boots can be customized from the pull straps to the tip of the toe. You can even get a matching money clip, wallet, or belt made to match your custom boots.

            If you find yourself in north Abilene, stop by James Leddy boots. Take a tour of the shop and learn about the history and heritage of boot making. 

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