Terms Texans Use Texas Glossary

Common Texas Slang 

Ain’t- contraction for “am not”, “is not”, “has not”, and “have not”

Blue northern- very cold

Brung- dialect past and past participle of bring

Cattywampus- not centered or straight

Clodhopper- a foolish, awkward, or clumsy person

Conniption- to get upset and raise a ruckus

Fetch- to go for and bring back someone or something

Fixin’- getting ready to do something.

Folks- people in general

Fuss- to show unnecessary or excessive concern about something

Git- to leave

Gully-washer- an unexpected amount of rain

Hanker- to feel a strong desire for or to do something

Holler- a loud cry of shout 

Hoot- an amusing person or thing

Howdy- a greeting used in the southern United States

Hush- to make silent or quiet

Kin- one’s family and relations

Persnickety- having the characteristics of a snob

Piddle- to spend time in a wasteful or ineffective way

Reckon- to be of the opinion

Ruckus- to cause a commotion

Shindig- a party

Tarnation- used as a euphemism for “damnation”

Tump- to tip or dump over

Uppity- self important; arrogant

Vittles- food and drink

Whomperjawed- an object or person that is out of sorts

Whup- to beat or thrash

Y’all- second person plural noun

Yonder- some distance in the direction indicated