Talking Texas Summer in Abilene

Not just for summer guide.  

            There is a common saying by Texans when asked about the weather. We have two seasons, summer and almost summer. As we approach the summer season, there are a few essentials to make sure you and your family have a fun-filled summer while coping with the heat.

            Abilene has several places to spend your days during the hot summer months. If you have children, or are a child at heart you can go to the Nelson Splash Pad.  It is a 2,920 square-foot splash pad, which has 26 water features and can accommodate up to 250 users. Nelson Splash Pad is located in Nelson Park beside The Abilene Zoo, E.S. 11th & Loop 322.

            If you are looking for water recreation, there are several lakes around Abilene.  Lake Kirby, located in southwestAbilene, is predominantly a fishing lake, but also a great place to bird watch. You can find ducks, gulls, pelicans, herons, egrets, desert cardinals, Verdind, Bell’s Vireo, sparrows and other migrating birds. Amenities available at Lake Kirby are picnic shelter, playground, restrooms, baseball complex, softball complex, practice backstops, public boat ramp and fishing pier. No swimming or camping is allowed.  Lake Fort Phantom is located 10 miles north of I-20 on FM 600. At Lake Fort Phantom you can indulge in sail boating, water skiing, swimming at your own risk, and excellent winds for wind surfing. At Johnson Park you will find a large group pavilion, outdoor classroom, playground, sand volleyball court, picnic sites, barbecue facilities, kayak trail, disc golf site, and lots of trails.

At the Abilene State Park, located just outside Buffalo Gap, is a great place to stay for the weekend or picnic for the afternoon. Abilene State Park offers hiking and nature trails, a large public swimming pool, fishing, and opportunities for wildlife observation.

            Just remember no matter what you do this summer, it is going to be hot, so wear plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water.

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