7th Grade

Click below to download the 7th Grade Texas History lesson plans in PDF format:

I.  Lesson Plans and Student Activities for 7th Grade
       A. Indian Life and Culture
               1. Whose Buffalo Is This?
               2. Commercial Buffalo Hunting
               3. Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek 
       B. Cowboys and Cattle Drives
               1. Life on a Cattle Drive 
               2. So You Want to be a Cattle Baron?
               3. Cattle Drive at Night: History Through Art
       C. Frontier Life:  Making a Living on the Frontier
II.  Additional Curriculum
               1. Tour Questions for Students: Worksheet
               2. Tour Answers for Teachers
               3. 7th Grade Tour Quiz
               4. Forts: Map, TimelineWord Puzzle
               6. Lone Star Identity
               7. Buffalo Soldiers Unit: Map, Venn diagram, Venn diagram answers
               8. Your County History (coming soon)

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