Talking Texas How to Shell Pecans

Breaking out of the shell. 


            The pecan tree is the state tree of Texas. You can use pecans in pies, bread, and cookies, cooked, uncooked, candied, or raw. As a snack or meal substitute, the pecan is very versatile.  However, before you can use this delicious nut, you have to get it out of its shell and there are many ways to do this.


Method one:

            Put two pecans in the palm of your hand and squeeze them together until one cracks.  Pull off the shell and there you have the pecan. This method is not ideal in getting the whole pecan out of the shell.


       Method two:

           Using a pecan cracker, clip the ends of the shell off.  Carefully clip the sides in small chucks to keep the pecan intact.



​Method three:

            This is another type of pecan cracker. With this tool, you place the pecan inside the cracking cup and push down the handle. You can adjust these crackers for different sized pecans. This is the most effective method of cracking pecans by hand.


            While there are many ways to get a pecan out of its shell, the reward is a delicious nut to use in your home cooking. 

© 2014 Frontier Texas/ Rebecca Kinnison