Talking Texas High School Football

Why are Texans so crazy about high school football?

            During the fall in Texas, leaves start to change, temperatures begin to drop, and the lights of football stadiums shine on Friday nights. Drive in just about any small Texas town on Friday night in the fall and it might look like a ghost town. Businesses will be closed, streets will be empty, and no one is walking around. However, when you listen, you hear the sounds of cheering and music from the marching band. You follow the sounds and you will find the whole town cheering on the local high school.

            High school football is more than a game; it is a community event.  The Friday Night Lights are not just for football players; it’s also for the band, cheerleaders, drill team, color guard, booster clubs, and the fans.  There used to be a running joke at my high school: the stands were not filled with football fans; they were filled with band parents.

            Months of preparation go into the first football game. Practices begin in the heat of the summer and continue throughout the season.  Football players begin training, the marching band begins working on their show, and the drill team and cheerleaders prepare for pep rallies and halftime shows.

            For some, dreams of winning a state championship will come true.  For those who don’t make it to state, they will still have a proud hometown supporting their team. 

© 2014 Frontier Texas/ Rebecca Kinnison