Meet the Legends: George Reynolds

Helped drive the first herd of cattle on Goodnight-Loving Trail. 

Born in Alabama in 1844, his family soon moved to East Texas where they farmed for 12 years before moving west, eventually settling on the Brazos in Stephens County.  At 15, George was riding pony express-type mail deliveries through hostile Indian territory and later fought with the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  After the war, he and two other men drove a herd of cattle to New Mexico, reportedly the first herd over what would become the Goodnight-Loving Trail.  While fighting Indians in 1867, he took an arrow in the stomach and lived with the arrowhead in his body until it was surgically removed 16 years later.  He married into the Matthews family in 1867, and established ranching operations throughout West Texas and drove cattle through the western states and Canada.  At his death in 1925, the Reynolds Cattle Company owned several hundred thousand acres of ranchland across West Texas and the Panhandle